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Monday, April 3, 2017

the differece of wide angle lens to a telephone lens

I just had my very first "moms get out of auto class" and I just loved every second of it. I loved the group of ladies I had today. They made a joke about us doing this every Sunday and I think I could. Really and truly thank you, ladies, for making my first class amazing.  I can't wait to see the results next week on what we learned today.

Once question and something that we talked about and the ladies wanted to know a little bit more about was the lens. I could see why because I did too. I couldn't really understand the difference between a 50mm to 100mm and from a 17mm to 200mm. We did decide a prime lens (fix lens) to a zoom lens but not so much or I should what it shows when you take a photo with the different lens size.

Say you have a 16mm Prime lens or a 17mm lens to a 50mm zoom lens what is the difference. What is the different mostly from a Wide angle lens to a telephoto lens. Well, I have taken a couple of examples offline to show you.

What is what?!! you may be thinking after seeing the photos above. Here is a little bit of help

Ultra Wide Lens is 16mm to 21mm
Wide Lens is 24mm to 35mm
Normal Lens is 40mm to 58mm
Telephone Lens is 58mm to 200mm or more.

Here is another example of a little bit of a wide angle 30mm to 85mm that would be telephone lens. This is what you see when you stand in the same spot and take photos of the same subject and only change your lens or if you had a lens with a Zoom. The left side would show the zoom in (widest) your lens will go and the 30mm and if you zoomed out (telephoto lens) your lens would be 85mm.  See how you see more in your image with a wide again lens and lens of the background and more of the subject with your subject but you are standing in the same spot. The 50mm in the normal or you could say if you had a zoom from 30mm to 85mm. 50mm would be in between and you get a little more in the background then the 85mm.


The lower the lens "mm" the more you will see in your images. The higher your "mm" the less you will see in your image of the background.

They say for landscape/ home decor photos you would like more of a wide angle to get more of the image in your photos. For portrait, you would like a 50mm to 85mm so you can get more of your subject and less background.

I would love to know:

If you have any more questions about the different lens? Did you need more examples?
What lens do you have and what one is your favorite? why is it?

I have my 35mm prime lens I just love. I don't take it off my camera that often. I would love to look into the 85mm. It may be my next purchase.

Before you buy a camera it's always great to test it out by renting it. You can rent from Borrow Lens or Henrys.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Stock photography for your blog or social media

Hello, fellow followers. This year I have many ideas for my business and I'm also 5 months Add to dictionary. I'm trying my best to work on what I can well be sick in between. I have been part of many blogging groups on Facebook and Pinterest.  When I asked I had a great demand for feedback for stock photography, I was over the moon to hear that. The ladies didn't want to keep using the same free stock photos like everyone else. Now I have tons of ideas for these amazing women on stock photography that they would like to have more of or they can't find some types they are looking for. I would like to touch a pod a lot of different types of stock photos. Here is a list I will hopefully get all filled before the baby comes.

1. women and babies
2. moms that workout
3. moms that cooking
4. ladies and faith
5. mockups walls and floors
6. cameras
7. kids playing
8. moms and children
9. flat lays or pretty ideas
10. photos with wine and coffee in it (my favorite request)

Like I said above I'm very excited about this next chapter. Here is a little teaser of my first collection

Of course, this is a flat lay. Lovely ladies on Facebook asked for photos without computers and technology in it. I hope I gave them what they are looking for. Also, coming soon are babies, mock-ups, flowers. The flower will be great for spring coming up and also mothers day. The great thing about stock photography yes, tons of bloggers use them but anyone on the online business can. For example, graphic designers, crafters, online promotions, online stores, social media for anyone and the list could go on. I'm excited just for you to check out my shop when it opems and don't forget to sign up for my newsletter to get a monthly freebie. Who doesn't like freebies? :)


Thursday, February 23, 2017

52 week photo challenge | week 7/52 8/52

52 week photo challenge

I can't get over that it's almost the end of February. I have to say since I had kids time is just flying by. I had a couple of valentines day photo shoots on week 7 for The Final Touch Photography. I thought it would be a great time to take a couple of photos of my little guys, well I was setting up. I do have to say, they can be great models when you aren't asking them to be. he he.

With these photos, I shot them all in natural light from my kitchen windows. I like to shoot with my F-stop on a low number. I'm not sure what I shot these on but I can say it was 1.8 to 2.5. I do remember that the sun wasn't just shining through so I did use a little bit higher ISO I think around 600. Just to keep my shutter speed fast for these little guys.

Let me see your 52-week photo challenge Hash Tag ##lovelearn52weeks. Here is what's next for week 9/52

PicMonkey Photo editing made of win

These two photos below melt my heart. How can you not love these guys. I found out the week I took these photos I'm having another boy! Yes, 3 boys!! Many people ask me how I feel. I feel great because I thought after my second I'm a boys mom. I was happy with that. Yet, ask me lately how I feel about having 3 kids. SO SCRAED. I have no clue why it didn't hit me till now. Maybe because I feel him kicking and my stomach is growing bigger and bigger everyday.

My little one and me. I think next month I would love to work on self portrait. I have never took them before. I shouldn't say never but ones that I would like to keep. I would love to take some great moments with me and my boys. Ones of our everyday life like the one below. Its funny when I started this project I thought I would take more photos of things, objects or nature but I really I have just took pictures of my boys. I guess its because I love them. Its also great to have these photos forever.

PicMonkey Photo editing made of win

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

52 week photo challange | week 6 Shape of a heart

Happy Valentine's day!! I hope everyone is sharing and enjoying all the love and kindness today. I try to everyday but sometimes it is hard. Ha-ha yet, today it's not for me. I really, truly am blessed with the people in my life. Most of all blessed with all my boys.

Here I am at 52 weeks. Week 6, I hope that's right. Is all about finding the shape of a heart. I won't lie, I do not remember until the boys and I were working on Valentine's cards. Then at the moment I saw the cute moment I wanted. With them I have to work fast. So I grabbed my iPhone and snap away. Yes, I did say that at the beginning, you can use anything. DSLR, snap and shoot or iPhone. It's more about working with your creative side and try to work with the lighting you have. It doesn't matter what type of camera you have.

I did change these quickly to black and white only because I didn't get time to remove the clutter and also to work on my colors that were around. Yes, it's great to pay attention to all the little details around the subject too. My decision on fixing the issue was changing it to black and white. Its actually not usually the black and white I would go for too. I worked with what I had one my phone. That is the reality of life with little kiddos.

If you have joined in the 52 week challenge to show me your work. hashtag #lovelearn52weeks or send it to me at I will even do a feature on some of you :)

One last thing, I'm exciting to tell you. If you have a DSLR camera and you want to look in to buying a lens best thing to do is rent it out. Rent it out and see what you think before spending all that money. Take the BorrowLenses survey and get 15% off rentals!

Monday, February 13, 2017

5 easy steps to start your blog today | how I started my blog

Hello, readers! I wanted to start off by saying yes, it's very simple starting a blog. Yet, I will not lie you need to put your work into it and you need to do tons of reading and tons of writing. I'm not sure why you want to start your blog. I have wanted to start a blog for years, but some things were holding me back. One is my spelling and grammarly. I found a solution for that on a couple different sites and H. It's amazing you really can find anything online. may not fix mine right 100%, but I think over time I will just get better at it. Two is my sister in law, has a wonderful online business, Envy Studios (that's where my blog layout, it's from) she is a blogger herself and I didn't want to take that away from her, it was her thing. Yet, finally years later we talked about it and she was totally fine with it. Funny how our mind plays games with us, I should have just asked before and not assume, but maybe it was the fact I was scared too.

I have started my 52-week photo challenge and some wonder ladies want to join in. They asked, how can I share my work? I told them social media or you can start your own blog for others to see your work or just for you and your family. They asked me how. Well, this is how.

1. Think what you want your blog to be about.

I think it could be about anything and everything. I remember worrying that I needed to know exactly what my blog needs to be about. Yet, I think you need an idea of what you want to blog about, but you can blog about a couple of your favorite things. Maybe over time, you may change it to what you are blogging about when your interests change or maybe you just want to focus on one topic, not different types.

2. Think of a Blog Name

See if the name is available you could check here

3. Sign up for the domain name and hosting.

Blue Host is a great place to get your domain and hosting, it's only $2.75 right now with a 30-Day Money-back Guarantee, it that just perfect! Blue Host, it has one hit button for WordPress installs. For newbies that are a great thing. When I bought my older website I used GoDaddy for just my Domain because it was 1.99. Yet, It ended up being 11.00 because I ended up buying an add-on.

4. What type of blogging platform

I right now have bloggers only because that's what I used for my photographer company site. Now I'm thinking to move to WordPress. Why up may ask, because of they plug-ins? They have some amazing plugins for SEO, Courses, selling and bloggers have none! It would make my life so much easier if they did.

5. Website Template

Website templates can be so much fun here is some free ones from WordPress. Yet, I would spend just a little more to have a custom one and I love Envy Studios.

WOW, now you can start!!!

Yes, it was that easy 5 easy steps to start your blog. 1. Think of what your blog is going to be about 2. Find a name 3. Sign up for the domain/hosting 3. Find your blogging plate form  4. Pick out a website template.

If you started a blog, please share it with me, I would love to see it. I have tons of advice to give you too. I have learned so much this last month starting my blog. I think my head is going to explode.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

February 52 week photo challenge | Week 6-9

Yes, I'm a couple days late on posting this. I'm very sorry but better late than never, right?!? This is my 52-week photo challenge for February. Yes, I decided to just stick with 52 weeks. I feel a little less pressure. Plus I won't lie, I want to start a couple other challenges this year. I will keep you guys updated too. I would love anyone to join.

52 week photo challenge

This February 52 week photo challenge are more about love because of it's the love month. Well, it's valentines day week next week, so to me its love week or love month.  Here are this week's challenges 
week 6-  Something with the shape of a heart. I don't remember what book I saw it in, maybe one of you know. it's a book of photos of all hearts. Hearts sharp in the cloud, on a floor, in a pile of mess, heart shapes can be found in mostly everywhere. It doesn't have to be a heart. Just something that is formed to look like a heart. Like two boots heels together and the toes away from each other. I just made that up in my head. Maybe ill take a photo of that. It will be a great way to try and live in the now. To be aware of what is going around you and what you see around you.
week 7 and week 8 - something you love. something that makes you happy. That is anything. clothing, your car, food, coffee, bedtime, a person, a thing, yourself. Anything.

week 9 - flowers they can be your favorite or the flowers that are in season.

Need help being creative or put more thought in your photos, here are some helpful tips.  You can think about the lighting and shoot the object from the side. You can shoot backlighting meaning, that your subject back is to the light. Hint: for that, you may need to over expose the image. Flat lay your object or subject. That is when you have your object on the table or ground on its back and you are standing above looking down taking the photo. Using your tripod. It's something I don't do often because I'm a lifestyle photographer is mostly holding my camera. So for me, it would be great to try one of these shots on a tripod. If you need any more help with understanding these helpful hints please let me know.

Can't wait to see what you are taking photos of. Don't forget! if you are just starting out and looking to buy a new camera or more of a professional look with a new lens check this post out.
Have fun shooting!!  

Don't forget to hashtag #lovelearn52weeks

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

52 weeks photography challenge | Week 4 & 5

I have tried to keep up with my Photography Challenge. I have to tell you it's hard! Between starting this new blog Love, Learn and Photography, trying to complete my course on how to shoot with your DSLR, my photography company and plus having two little boys and one on the way. Wow, just writing it, I noticed why I may be able not to keep up with it. Yet, it's all good. As long as I try my best. If you would like to join my challenge please do. I will send you the updated 52-week Challenge, I will also send you some helpful tips and some discount for my upcoming course.

Now back to my 52-week photography challenge. I'm a little behind with posting the photos so here are the last two weeks.

Week 4 - I love the look of winter. Sometimes I don't always enjoy the coldness, but to look at a new fresh snowfall, makes me so happy. They have been tons of times I just want to run or drive to a beautiful hilltop and take photos. I know one day I will but for now, these are good enough.

Let me know if you have any questions. For examples, what setting I used? Why did I take these shots from this angle? Anything you are wondering let me know. 

Week 5- was me getting all the photos ready for my DSLR course. It's funny just when I think I  almost was done the course I realize I have so much more to do. Don't forget to sign up for the course because I can't wait to teach you all about your camera and DSLR. You may even become a pro one day.

Also, if you are a blogger, I will be opening a stock photo shop soon. Let me know what types of photos you are looking for.  You can also sign up for my stock photo shop and be the first one to know when it opens. What's the most exciting part is I will be giving out free images to just my subscriptions.
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