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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

52 week photo challange | week 1 (kids)

 for this first week challenge I picked my kid. Day two on the 365- day photo challenge  it was easy to see the moment when it happened. One of my favorite things in the world and one thing im going to miss when they get older is looking at them when they sleep. I just feel this overwhelming feeling of peace and how simply adorable they are. They feel asleep in the car and we carried them in to the house and put them on the couch. I ran upstairs to grab my camera because I knew this was my photo moment. I try every time I can, to take pictures of them sleeping so, I can remember it forever.

With this shoots, I knew I was going to try a darker look than most of my Final Touch work. With this shoots, it was dark in the room and it was even dark outside. I shot with a high ISO and a low aperture. If you don't know what that all means and want to find out you can sign up for my class on how to use your DSLR. 

Now I have this in my photo book to remember forever!

Show me your work. Even if its not this photo challenge show me what photos you took this week. I would love to see them. :)

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