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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

52 week photo challange | week 2 (window & light)

Here is my second week, of my 52-week project. The below images is my adorable little niece. I decided to pick day 11 (light) and 12 (window) together, from my 365-day photo challenge.

I have to say that I have two places in our house that I just love to take photos in. One is in our room,  the morning light is just gorgeous and the second place is this window. I have tons of photos of my kids at this window. It will be a window that I will miss when we move. Yet, I have a funny feeling I'll find a new window in our new house.   Let me see your photos. Even if you don't have a blog post it on Facebook or Instagram and send me the link. I would love to see your work. You can send me the link or email at 

For this photo I love how the light, lights up her left side and a beautiful shadow is casting over her right side. I feel its just perfect with her little perfect face. In the last photo, I love how the light, lightens up her eyes. If you would love to know my setting people let me know.  


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