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Monday, January 9, 2017

best DSLR for beginner | tips on buying your first DSLR

for beginning photographers buying your first DSLR

A question I have been asked many times from people that would love to take photos of their kid, or for their blog or become a hobbyist photographer. What is the best camera to buy for beginners?? That is a fantastic question. I remember when I wanted to get started in photography I had my wonderful step dad that is a great photographer tell me everything I needed to know. Did I understand it all right away, Oh no! Yet, like anything in life, it takes the time to learn. The more you learn, the better you will be and the more you will understand. I hope to give you the basics you can go out shopping for. If I don't answer all your questions, just leave me a comment below and I would love to help you out

The Camera- I found they is two kinds I would stick to Nikon and Canon. For Nikon I would go for the Nikon D3400 or Nikon D5500 for canon I would start with Canon EOS Rebel T6  or Canon EOS Rebel T6i . A little advice I would like to add is maybe buy just the body of the camera, then take the time to learn what lens you want and invest in a good lens. What is a good lens you ask...

The Lens - There are tons of different types of lens. Once you know what they do and then know what kind of photos you would like to take. Then you can find the right lens. Really, don't think about how many lenses, because most lens I wouldn't ever need to use for what I need it for. It would be tons of money sitting in a bag if you buy lens you don't need. A great idea to see what lens works best for you is renting them out. I think it's a great way before spending the big dollars. Here is some great place you can rent them from. Henrys and BorrowLenses
* Tips From me, I would look for a lens that has a low aperture, for example 1.4 to a 2.8. Most zoom lenses don't have the very low aperture. If you find one that is 2 or 2.8 that is a great one, but the price may show that too. *

Question you can ask your before buying your camera and lens

How much do I want to spend ?

Will it do what I want it to do ?

Did I want that more professional look or something that is       
more versatile?

BorrowLenses Photo & Video Rentals

That is all I have for today. Yet, tons more to come in another blog posting. If you're looking to learn more, please sign up for my newsletter. I will also be teaching a course on how to get out of Auto for mom's and bloggers. Sign up here if you want to find out more about the course. Please let me know if I can help you. Trust me, I may be more excited than you are because I love to teach. Just make a comment below.


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