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Monday, January 23, 2017

starting a new business project | 5 tips to cope with being overwhelmed

Have you ever had an intriguing business idea? Or tons of amazing ideas. The ideas are just flowing out every second. You just feel like all you want to do work on the project so, you don't forget anything. Well, if so, I am with you. I have had this issue for years. I think it's something I will always have. Yet, just like every time, this is this downtime.

When I get so down and feel that I can't do it, or I can do it, but I feel stuck or maybe scared or I second guess myself. Sometimes I doubt myself. I think everyone else can be a mom, be pregnant, have a job, have a clean house, take on tons of projects, put them together every day and say I love my life. Well, I have hit that wall, that I think, I can't do it all. So what happens then?  I don't and I feel like I can't.  I know, I will get over it because I always do. I know that no one has it all together like I think they do. I know because I have come across this issue a lot. Mostly since I have been a mother and you can see all these mothers that have it all together and you feel alone. Yet, I know I'm not because I talk to all my other mom's friends and they can get this way too. Yet, they are times no matter what you feel alone. Here I am trying to do anything today and all I want to do is sleep and run away from everything I need or have to do. Yes, I know it's all in my head. I don't have to really do anything. Though, my mind can get stuck in this world of mom thoughts of the 2000's and what we think moms should be like. I guess I'm here to get out my feelings and to see who else feels like this and what do you do??

Here are 5 things I'm going to do to help me cope with being overwhelmed.

1. Write - write about how you feel. Just write about anything and you can work your issues out by writing.

2. List - what can I do? Make a short list of what you can do today or even do this week. Make it short, so you can cross it off and look at the completed list and think I did it! That can motivate you to do more.

3. List of affirmations - List of affirmations that you can tell yourself every day to help you boost up your positive thoughts. Here are a couple of examples, I'm a wonderful mother, I love myself and my family, I do have the energy to get through the day, people will read my blog, My house is as clean as it needs to be for my family. The list could go on forever. Do the list that will help you bring the truth into your thoughts.

4. Start - start that list. Work on something and cross it off your list. Trust me, once you see you have done something it will motivate you to do more.

5. Rest and love yourself without feeling guilty - rest when you need it. Don't feel guilty either. As a mother, we put a lot on our plates every day. It will and can put us down. We just have to learn to rest and remind ourselves we can only take care of our loved ones when we take care of ourselves.

Now I'm going to start working on number two and start my list. I have tons of new projects for my business that I have started and now it's time to complete one. Till next time!

Take care of yourself!

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