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Friday, January 6, 2017

lets start 365 day photo challenge together!

Welcome to my new blog. I am the owner of The Final Touch Photography. I have decided to start my own photography challenge but I wanted to have its own page so here it is. I have posted this one my Final Touch page at the beginning of the week. here is the post

Happy New Year!!! Wow, it's already 2017! I'm ready for it. Although I won't lie, I'm a little nervous because we are pregnant with our third. Yes number 3!! I have so much planned for this year. I'm going to need to slow down a little to take time to enjoy it.

One project I have started 2 years in a row, but still haven't finished is a photo challenge. This year I'm going to try my best to finish it. I hope to keep you updated on it the photo challenge through my site. I have decided that because I have two little ones, another one on the way and my business.  I'm going to complete the 52 week challenge. Meaning, I will take my own personal photos to grow my camera skills and my creativity. I have and will every month post a monthly poster for the photo challenge, like I did below. Please join in, it's always fun to do it with other people. You don't need a DSRL to do this. You can use your camera phone or any camera that you have. I have listed a 30 day photo challenge for January. Now you have the option to do the 30 day challenge or the 52 week challenge. With the 52 week challenge use the same 30 days and if you are taking the photo on the 5th use that as the idea of what to take a picture of. For example "Love" is number 5. Now you get to get in to your creative mind and think of anything that means love to you. ANYTHING! yes, you can be simple like taking a picture of your husband or your child. On the other hand, you can take a picture of the light hitting the hall from the front door. Its all up to you because its your project. One thing I ask, I also have to tell myself this too. Don't stress!!!! if you miss a day its okay, if you can't think of what to take a photo of like day 7 something new then don't. Take a photo of anything that captures your eye that day. This is really just to help you pick up the camera and practice and to use your creative mind because we all of one and it feels get when you use it.

Well, good luck!! Please let me know, how it's going with your photos using the hashtag #tft30days. Let me know, if you have any questions contact me on my Instagram or Facebook I hope everyone has a happy, loving and full of laughter 2017.

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