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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

February 52 week photo challenge | Week 6-9

Yes, I'm a couple days late on posting this. I'm very sorry but better late than never, right?!? This is my 52-week photo challenge for February. Yes, I decided to just stick with 52 weeks. I feel a little less pressure. Plus I won't lie, I want to start a couple other challenges this year. I will keep you guys updated too. I would love anyone to join.

52 week photo challenge

This February 52 week photo challenge are more about love because of it's the love month. Well, it's valentines day week next week, so to me its love week or love month.  Here are this week's challenges 
week 6-  Something with the shape of a heart. I don't remember what book I saw it in, maybe one of you know. it's a book of photos of all hearts. Hearts sharp in the cloud, on a floor, in a pile of mess, heart shapes can be found in mostly everywhere. It doesn't have to be a heart. Just something that is formed to look like a heart. Like two boots heels together and the toes away from each other. I just made that up in my head. Maybe ill take a photo of that. It will be a great way to try and live in the now. To be aware of what is going around you and what you see around you.
week 7 and week 8 - something you love. something that makes you happy. That is anything. clothing, your car, food, coffee, bedtime, a person, a thing, yourself. Anything.

week 9 - flowers they can be your favorite or the flowers that are in season.

Need help being creative or put more thought in your photos, here are some helpful tips.  You can think about the lighting and shoot the object from the side. You can shoot backlighting meaning, that your subject back is to the light. Hint: for that, you may need to over expose the image. Flat lay your object or subject. That is when you have your object on the table or ground on its back and you are standing above looking down taking the photo. Using your tripod. It's something I don't do often because I'm a lifestyle photographer is mostly holding my camera. So for me, it would be great to try one of these shots on a tripod. If you need any more help with understanding these helpful hints please let me know.

Can't wait to see what you are taking photos of. Don't forget! if you are just starting out and looking to buy a new camera or more of a professional look with a new lens check this post out.
Have fun shooting!!  

Don't forget to hashtag #lovelearn52weeks

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