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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Stock photography for your blog or social media

Hello, fellow followers. This year I have many ideas for my business and I'm also 5 months Add to dictionary. I'm trying my best to work on what I can well be sick in between. I have been part of many blogging groups on Facebook and Pinterest.  When I asked I had a great demand for feedback for stock photography, I was over the moon to hear that. The ladies didn't want to keep using the same free stock photos like everyone else. Now I have tons of ideas for these amazing women on stock photography that they would like to have more of or they can't find some types they are looking for. I would like to touch a pod a lot of different types of stock photos. Here is a list I will hopefully get all filled before the baby comes.

1. women and babies
2. moms that workout
3. moms that cooking
4. ladies and faith
5. mockups walls and floors
6. cameras
7. kids playing
8. moms and children
9. flat lays or pretty ideas
10. photos with wine and coffee in it (my favorite request)

Like I said above I'm very excited about this next chapter. Here is a little teaser of my first collection

Of course, this is a flat lay. Lovely ladies on Facebook asked for photos without computers and technology in it. I hope I gave them what they are looking for. Also, coming soon are babies, mock-ups, flowers. The flower will be great for spring coming up and also mothers day. The great thing about stock photography yes, tons of bloggers use them but anyone on the online business can. For example, graphic designers, crafters, online promotions, online stores, social media for anyone and the list could go on. I'm excited just for you to check out my shop when it opems and don't forget to sign up for my newsletter to get a monthly freebie. Who doesn't like freebies? :)


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