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Monday, April 3, 2017

the differece of wide angle lens to a telephone lens

I just had my very first "moms get out of auto class" and I just loved every second of it. I loved the group of ladies I had today. They made a joke about us doing this every Sunday and I think I could. Really and truly thank you, ladies, for making my first class amazing.  I can't wait to see the results next week on what we learned today.

Once question and something that we talked about and the ladies wanted to know a little bit more about was the lens. I could see why because I did too. I couldn't really understand the difference between a 50mm to 100mm and from a 17mm to 200mm. We did decide a prime lens (fix lens) to a zoom lens but not so much or I should what it shows when you take a photo with the different lens size.

Say you have a 16mm Prime lens or a 17mm lens to a 50mm zoom lens what is the difference. What is the different mostly from a Wide angle lens to a telephoto lens. Well, I have taken a couple of examples offline to show you.

What is what?!! you may be thinking after seeing the photos above. Here is a little bit of help

Ultra Wide Lens is 16mm to 21mm
Wide Lens is 24mm to 35mm
Normal Lens is 40mm to 58mm
Telephone Lens is 58mm to 200mm or more.

Here is another example of a little bit of a wide angle 30mm to 85mm that would be telephone lens. This is what you see when you stand in the same spot and take photos of the same subject and only change your lens or if you had a lens with a Zoom. The left side would show the zoom in (widest) your lens will go and the 30mm and if you zoomed out (telephoto lens) your lens would be 85mm.  See how you see more in your image with a wide again lens and lens of the background and more of the subject with your subject but you are standing in the same spot. The 50mm in the normal or you could say if you had a zoom from 30mm to 85mm. 50mm would be in between and you get a little more in the background then the 85mm.


The lower the lens "mm" the more you will see in your images. The higher your "mm" the less you will see in your image of the background.

They say for landscape/ home decor photos you would like more of a wide angle to get more of the image in your photos. For portrait, you would like a 50mm to 85mm so you can get more of your subject and less background.

I would love to know:

If you have any more questions about the different lens? Did you need more examples?
What lens do you have and what one is your favorite? why is it?

I have my 35mm prime lens I just love. I don't take it off my camera that often. I would love to look into the 85mm. It may be my next purchase.

Before you buy a camera it's always great to test it out by renting it. You can rent from Borrow Lens or Henrys.

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